The Eddie

Man, I have been covering the Quiksilver Eddie Would Go contest ceremony for many years, and I have some great portraits from all those years. Looking back to see how young some of the surfers looked, and seeing the surfers who are no longer with us anymore, as well as watching guys like John who first came out with his brothers to the circle when they were still kids to celebrate what the eddie is all about, it's such a special soulful experience to be out there.

This year Mike Ho took the leaders role in hosting this special time, and he handled it with integrity, respect, and that Ho vibe which is always quite humorous. This year we seemed to paddle out farther than usual and there were guys getting rides out by the jet skis, but I figured I needed the exercise and so I swam it.

Each surfer had his turn to speak in the circle and tell their feelings about why the Eddie is so special. It was truly heartfelt and thoughtful and everyone that spoke knew he was speaking to a family of surfers who are out their to push the limits and look out for each other.

These are Big wave surfers, and its a totally different thing compared to being a surfer who paddles out in 4 to 6 foot waves. These guys know that each of them will continuously put their lives on the line to catch that monster wave. The respect amongst them is obvious, and they all know this.

This year was awesome. The light came out after some cloudy rain squalls and it was absolutely beautiful. We got shots of all the surfers and alternates that are invited. At the end of the prayer with everyone hooting and hollering and splashing, it was truly such an awesome moment to see and be part of.

When it was over we had to paddle back in and it took about 40 minutes, but it was worth it and hopefully everyone can get a bit of the vibe from the photos.

Lets hope the conditions allow us to have an event this year. Pray for the swells to be big enough

Brian Bielmann

Brian Bielmann is an award winning surf photographer.  His images have graced more than 150 magazine covers and have appeared in iconic magazines such as, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Men's Journal, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated. 


His client list includes Anheiser-Busch, Guinness, Red Bull, Quicksilver, Billabong, Reef, Sanuk, DCShoes and Western Digital among others. Brian was also the senior staff photographer for TransWorld Surf Magazine for 14 years.

Even after nearly four decades of surf photography, Bielmann is still having the time of his life. His dedication, love of the lens, and surfing will continue to grow and affect the way the world sees the surfing lifestyle.

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